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Have you spent months or years in the gym but haven't seen any change?

You're not alone. It's frustrating...

You're doing everything right. The truth is, there may be something simple you're missing. Or maybe you have the wrong system.

I have spent over a decade helping clients exactly like you figure out where they're going wrong.

In the first month or two of training with me, most clients see more results than they have in YEARS of training on their own. And they do it without spending hours in the gym. 

How I Can Help You

Getting the body you want requires planning and a program tailored to YOU. Random adult group fitness classes, programs you swiped from, workouts you purchased from your favorite social media accounts, or the workout your genetically gifted friend does aren't made for you.

I can save you YEARS of frustration, not only with results but knowledge. I don't believe in keeping the secret sauce for myself. I want my clients to truly understand this stuff so they can leave with the results AND the skills they need to do it alone.

You can consider me your guide to navigating through this crazy world of fitness and nutrition bs.

The Process

Once you sign up, you'll be able to:

  • Track strength workouts so you can see your progress and do workouts written by me on your own when you need extra flexibility

  • Sync calorie tracking data so I can check on your nutrition and give you actionable advice for dietary roadblocks. You don't NEED to track calories, of course, but it's an option if it helps you reach your goals.

  • Keep track of habits and cardio activities for a more well-rounded approach

Reviews From My Clients

I’ve taken numerous fitness classes for years and have never seen the results I have with strength training with Bo. In about a year of consistently working with Bo, I’ve lost body fat, gained muscle and strength, and feel more confident then ever. As a busy professional, extra time is scarce. The two hours I spend training pay me back tenfold throughout the week. Bo customizes a plan for each client and changes it to fit their changing needs. I highly recommend his training program!

Allie M.

Bo has been my personal trainer for over a year, and I have had the best experience with him. He is a technician and student of the industry. Amazing trainer and incredible results!

Tom M.

I’ve been working with Bo for almost a year now and have nothing but good things to say. If you’re willing to put in the work, his customized approach will yield impressive results. He's especially adept at improving technique, but beyond that, Bo makes it clear he’s dedicated to helping you maximize your potential. I appreciate that thoughtfulness and genuine investment in his clients’ fitness goals. I always look forward to our sessions together.

Mitchell D.

Bo is an exceptional personal coach. I started his training in a small group sessions over a year ego and transitioned to 1 on 1 sessions last fall. Over this period of time I changed my physical appearance and enhanced my positive self – image. I have not only lost weight but gained strength and amplified overall physical performance. Bo emphasizes consistency as a key to achieving goals and he is dead-on. He has a great knowledge and experience of his craft. If you are willing to make a change, he will be there to guide you though the process.

Joanna R.

Bo is not only an outstanding personal trainer and coach, but a massive asset to the dynamic in the gym. He excels at all of the most important facets of personal training— personalized and progressive training programs, fair prices, and he motivates clients in a way that’s unparalleled. He’s brings a dose of humor and sarcasm to each session or class, pushes you, and corrects form in an encouraging and tactful way. Bo is always paying attention, striving for people to better themselves, and bringing laughs while doing it. He doesn’t just tell you different exercises to do to get in better shape, he actually teaches you, pays attention to your goals, and varies everything based on progress and results. Extremely knowledgeable trainer and makes every session fun.

Amanda T.

Bo is simply put the furthest thing from your 'typical trainer.’

I found Bo through group training classes and quickly gravitated to attend only his sessions. It was made abundantly clear that he places importance on form and giving cues throughout the class which most often lacks in group style training.

A few months ago, I decided to take the step into personal training with Bo and couldn't be happier. Growing up, I never had the weight room experience and made many attempts over the years to grow my confidence in lifting weights. I attended countless fitness classes, purchased online training guides, and had the on/off trainers. What I really needed was better guidance and programming. And now I'm here stronger than ever and couldn't have imagined being able to do one pull up - let alone 3 at a time now - all thanks to this guy. He’s listened and set goals with me and as a result, keeps me extremely motivated.

There's a fundamental difference in his approach to training compared to others that give everyone that works with him such an advantage. Aside from being a fun person to be around, he's extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. And believe me, trust is such an important part of building a relationship with your trainer. I’m currently working through an injury and Bo has been incredibly helpful. He's adjusted my routines, alternated exercises, and given the necessary firm reminder to pace myself to help my body heal.

He's set up a simple to follow framework that builds progressively. It's not about having a new workout each session - He’s helped me focus on perfecting form and building strength. I really appreciate the app integration the training program is hosted on. This gives me visibility of the planned workouts and I have the opportunity to learn about the workout before our sessions. With other trainers, I would show up, they would guide me through a workout, and see you next time. This is the 100% exact opposite. First, I feel like I’m in the driver’s seat for my workouts and practicing what I’m learning while he focuses on my form, spots to help with those final reps, and answers all my questions. And second, it’s not just a come in and workout type of scenario. If I have questions on days we’re not together about my workouts, I'm able to ping him with a question and receive a quick response. It's so helpful to have that support outside the training sessions.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. There's not many out there like Bo and there is no doubt anyone that works with him will see great results and progress with his coaching and training style.

April O.

I worked out with Bo for at least 18 months both in the gym and via online programming that he created. Not only did I get much stronger, but I also learned proper form so that I prevented injuries. We increased my bench press by 70lbs, and I put on about 10lbs of lean muscle.

Bo will push you physically and intellectually. He's incredibly well read on a variety of issues beyond exercise science. I appreciate our conversations, book and Pod Cast discussions that we sometimes get in between sets (if I can breathe).

If you're looking to get stronger, Bo will absolutely get you there. He's super intelligent, intentional, motivational, and fun to be around. Look no further for an outstanding fitness experience that will get you results!

Tyler W.

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